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2017 North American Heartland Owners Rally – Goshen

region events

The Directors of each Region of the Heartland Owners Club have planned one or more events during periods of time that are open. These events are optional and opt-in.  Please review the schedule at the link below and if you’re interested in joining, please respond on the forum.


Wednesday, June 14th

  • South Central: 5:00 pm – Pork Producers Pavilion – Snack/Appetizer Meet and Greet – link to details
  • North East: 5:00 pm – Nelson’s Pavilion – Potluck- link to details
  • Mountain & Pacific: 5:00 pm – Dinner in town (Lux Cafe) – link to details

Friday, June 16th

  • Canada: 4:00 pm – Elkhart County Optimist Pavilion – Potluck Meet and Greet – link to details
  • Mountain & Pacific: 4:00 pm – Tri Kappa Pavilion – Happy Hour/Snack/Appetizer Potluck – link to details
  • North Central: 4:00 pm – Goat Pavilion – Potluck Meet and Greet – link to details
  • Southeast: 4:00 pm – Pork Producers Pavilion – Potluck Meet and Greet – link to details

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hoc-cal-exampleThere are several ways to view Heartland Owners Club (HOC) events from the Heartland Owners Forum (List, Calendar, Map, Event Threads).

Have you ever wished you could have the HOC Events show up on your personal calendar (on your computer and/or mobile device)? Well, now you can!

To do this, using a computer (laptop/desktop), access your calendar and if it supports the iCal protocol, use the directions in the attached PDF to add the HOC Events calendar. Once you have it added, it will take a minute or so to synchronize and they you’ll have it all!

Once you’ve got it added and synchronized, it should show up on the same calendar brand/type on your mobile devices.

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2017 North American Heartland Owners Rally – Goshen

skymed evacuation presentation

skymedWe’re pleased to announce that a rep team from SkyMed will have a booth at the rally in the Heartland Marketplace and they will be giving a presentation on Medical Evacuation and what it’s all about.

Our SkyMed reps, Carolyn and Paul Kees will also be sponsoring a FREE “Subway” lunch for those who are attending the full presentation (sign-up required – see below).


  • Tuesday, June 13th at 11:00 am
  • Ag Hall


Sign-up by June 10th by following this link.


Follow this link to download the SkyMed flier.

Follow this link to the forum discussion thread for this item.

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Carpet Cleaning

2017 North American Heartland Owners Rally – Goshen

Carpet and furniture cleaning

We’re pleased to announce that local vendor, Tyson’s Carpet has agreed to service our rally attendees for the 3rd Goshen Rally in a row.


  • Tuesday, June 6th
  • Friday, June 9th
  • Monday, June 12th
  • Friday, June 16th




Carpet (interior)     $70
Protection (Scotch Guard)       $5
Recliner (each)     $20
Loveseat     $35
Sofa     $45
Mattress Clean and Disinfect     $70
Dinette Chairs (each)       $5



Carpet + Protection     $70
Sofa or Loveseat & 2 Recliners + Protection     $70
Carpet, Sofa or Loveseat, 2 Recliners and up to 4 Dinette Chairs + Protection     $130


Follow this link to download the Carpet and Furniture cleaning flier.


Follow this link to request a specific day for carpet/furniture cleaning or call Tyson’s Carpet Cleaning at 574-533-5036 to setup an appointment.

Follow this link to the forum discussion thread for this item.

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Heartland RV’s Posts Own Blog

As Heartland RV Owners, you’ve probably come to know that Heartland isn’t only about manufacturing 5th wheels and travel trailers.  Heartland RV’s is “about the people” which puts them as one of the top dogs in the RV towables industry respectfully.  Their mantra of keeping Heartland Owners interested in RVing or inviting prospective Heartland Owners for an inside look at the Heartland family is what keeps them on top.

Heartland RV Corporate has stretched their outreach boundries through Social Media avenues.  On Heartland RV’s webpage, you’ll find dealer locators, history of, testimonials, product videos, information about each brand, owner contributed images, product manuals and yes, even information about the Heartland Owners Club and the Heartland Owners Forums.

Recently, Heartland RV’s has taken social media by storm with their blog; highlighting three full-time Heartland Owners who share their RV’ing experiences, maintenance tips, recipes, and stories.  They will take you into every facet of RV’ing; whether it be in their galleys cooking meals, sharing product reviews or in the cargo bays improving or improvising with repairs.  Heartland’s Social Media Department coordinates scheduled blog postings so it’s advantageous to visit their page regularly.  There’s a comment section at the bottom of each blog posting as well as Facebook  ‘share’ buttons referencing on your own pages.

So, if you’ve not been yet to any of their pages, you’re missing out!  You can also become part of the community and ‘get connected’ on their My Heartland page.  Also worth noting, Heartland RV’s has their own Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages, so visit and like or follow their pages.  Stay tuned and stay in touch!

For more information, please follow and bookmark their links:

Webpage:  Heartland RV’s

Facebook:  Heartland RV’s

YouTube:  Heartland RV’s

Pinterest:  Heartland RV’s

Twitter:   Heartland RV’s

Written by: Lisa Brown, Heartland Owners Club Blog Editor

BLOGSPOT: Local economy is extraordinary

BLOGSPOT: Local economy is extraordinary

  • By ROGER SCHNEIDER City/business editor of Goshen News


It’s been a wild ride for Elkhart County workers since The Great Recession.

Back then I was watching the monthly recreational vehicle stats and noticed a dip in shipment growth in 2006 and a 9 percent downturn in 2007. But the dip didn’t seem to indicate the trouble to come.

Then the banking crisis dropped from the sky in 2008 and fell heavily on the industry.

Our news staff covered the depressing weekly layoffs at local factories that produced recreational vehicles and supplies for that industry. The banking crisis dried up credit. And the few consumers who had cash on hand were reluctant to spend it on luxury items, including RVs. Consumers who wanted to borrow money for a new travel trailer or motorhome found banks had tightened loan qualification standards.

RV shipments fell 32.9 percent in 2008 and then dropped another 30.1 percent in 2009.

As a result of those dips, unemployment rocketed here. By March 2009 the jobless rate in the Elkhart-Goshen Metropolitan Statistical Area topped out at 18.9 percent.

But things have changed drastically for the better. The good times have returned and the RV industry is super hot.

In February the local unemployment rate was 3.3 percent. “Help wanted” and “hiring now” signs are prevalent in storefronts and along the roads in industrial parks.

During the past few months I have marveled at how far the local economy has come since The Great Recession.

Last week I drove up to Bristol’s new Universal Trailer Corp. factory. While taking the plant tour I marveled at the combination of automation and human skills to produce the company’s cargo trailers. While robotic welders were in use, the machines still had to be fed by hand and human welders were busy joining steel that the robots could not reach.

The company has hired 50 people so far and will be adding more workers as shifts are added.

Genesis Products broke ground March 22 on a 200,000-square-foot facility in the Goshen Industrial Park. The company’s laminated panels are mostly used in the RV industry.

One of the most significant developments in Goshen in recent years may be the one offered by Greg Hoogenboom. Back in January, Hoogenboom’s development company, Hoogenboom-Nofziger, started construction on a 20,000-square-foot industrial building. As far as anyone could recall back then, it was the first local industrial building to be erected on speculation in many years. The building is intended to get the ball rolling on filling up the company’s 10-lot industrial park, Waterford Commons Business Park.

Also in January, Forest River, a maker of recreational vehicles, said it would create 425 jobs this year and in 2018 by opening four new plants in LaGrange.

Thor Industries’ Heartland subsidiary is also expanding this year. The company is adding production space to build more travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers at its Elkhart, Middlebury, Howe and Nampa, Idaho campuses.

Last year Thor expanded production capacity at its Thor Motor Coach subsidiary by purchasing a factory building in Bristol.

The above projects are bullet points in a longer list of local companies and retailers that are taking part in our nation’s expanding economy. While there will always be some churn with local companies coming and going, overall our economy is enjoying extraordinary success.

We should count ourselves very fortunate.