Create, Change or Reset your Password

Password Creation Process

All members of the Heartland Owners Club (HOC) may self-manage their membership and the information within their membership profile.  This document explains the process of creating a password or resetting a forgotten password. Note: this information pertains only to the Heartland Owners Club. It does not pertain to the Heartland Owners Forum, although you may have used the same email address for both. Because HOC is totally separate from the Forum, your Forum username is not used or needed here.

Your first time logging into the HOC Member Manager
You need to establish (create) a password for your HOC membership profile in order to self-manage your profile information.  Here are the prerequisites to establishing this password:

  1. You must have previously joined the Heartland Owners Club and received an automated email notification of your membership approval and your membership number
  2. You must know the primary email address that you associated with your HOC membership when you signed up. Because your email address is used, there is no need for a username.

As you have previously joined the Heartland Owners Club and you know the primary email address associated with your membership, you may now establish a password by using the Reset Password process on this page:  See the Reset Your Password image below.

If you have Forgotten your already created Password
If you’ve previously established a password within the HOC Membership Manager but you’ve forgotten it, you may use the Reset Password process on this page:  The on-screen form will be similar to this:

Enter your email address and click the SEND PASSWORD RESET LINK button.

Once you submit your email address using the link above, you will receive an email to that address with instructions for the next step, similar to the image below. Check your spam/junk file before contacting us to inform us that you have not received the email.

If the HOC Member Manager system isn’t able to find your membership record with the email address you used in Password Reset step, you will see an on-screen message similar to this:

Make another attempt at the process, carefully entering the email address to be sure it is correct. Note that the email address you enter must be the same as the primary email address in your HOC membership profile. If you no longer have that email account see It’s not working – what are my options? below.

It’s not working – what are my options?
If you’ve used all possible email addresses to reset your password and nothing worked, click on the Contact link at the top of the page and send us an email requesting assistance. Provide as much information as you can as we will attempt to locate your HOC membership profile from the information you provide in your email. 

If we still can not locate your HOC membership, you will be contacted so we can work together to resolve any and all issues concerning your HOC Membership.