Dealer Partnerships

Dealer Partnerships

In early 2018, the Heartland Owners Club developed a ‘Dealer Partnership’ program.  The focus of the program is for the Club to align with dealers that desire to support the Club ‘in their dealerships’ by advertising and promoting the club and actively qualifying, then signing interested Heartland buyers up for the club after they close on their deal.

Initial Roll-out

The Heartland Owners Club has targeted two dealerships to pilot the program with.  The first dealer to be activated is:

T&S RVs – Navasota, TX

How do dealers benefit?

Dealers that are in the relationship making business are given another tool to use in that process.  Dealers are able to offer a ‘value added’ item to their buyers at no cost to the dealership.

How do buyers/owners benefit?

Often times, Heartland RV product owners never hear about the existence of the Heartland Owners Club.  By partnering with dealers that have a special interest in helping create this awareness, more owners can be exposed to the club, decide if membership is right for them and join the club while they’re at the dealership.

At the end of the day, for the club, our goal is getting more owners to club rallies.  This is where the real magic happens.  Owners who join the club and go to rallies get more out of their RV lifestyle by being around others that are like minded.  They learn more about their RV, how to use it, learn solutions to common issues, receive help from others while at the rallies, make friends and more.  We want to expose more owners to this.  By partnering with key dealers who also ‘get it’, perhaps we can get more owners to rallies 🙂