2016 RV Weighing Service

2016 North American Heartland Owners Rally – Las Vegas

RV Weighing Details


  • Who
    For all rally attendees that are interested in it
  • What
    RV Weighing is a process where our service provider, “Weigh To Go” will place scales under your RV and truck tires and record your weights.  The analysis done afterwards will help you better understand your towing weights in a wheel-by-wheel, axle-by-axle manner and help you understand how your actual weights compare to the capacity of your truck and your RV
  • When
    Weighing can be done as you arrive at the venue before you go to your site or on your way out – the day you leave.  The team should be in place for first weighs on September 30 and last weighs on October 10
  • Where
    The weighing team would prefer to weigh your entire setup “on your way in”.  We will work with the venue to identify a location where RVs can queue up and get weighed.  Later, the weigh team will stop by your site to weigh your truck again, but disconnected from your RV
  • Cost
    $60 to have your RV only weighed / $90 to have your RV and Truck both weighed*
    * While more money, it’s highly recommended that you have your truck weighed as well.  By doing so, you’ll learn your actual truck weigh, by axle and you’ll learn your RV’s pin/hitch weight
  • More Info
    The weigh team “does all the work“, collecting the tire and chassis data, looking up correct tire pressures, air the tires if they are under inflated, thoroughly cover the report with the RV owner and provide on going support if the owner has future questions about their particular configuration or weighing/tires in general
  • Online Weighing Request Form
    Follow this link and complete the online form to request Weighing Service.  Tom Case will then follow up with you to firm up your appointment.

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