2017 North American Heartland Owners Rally – Goshen

Rally registration

We’re holding a 7-day Pre-Rally for those who can come to Goshen early.  Rally attendees will be able to sign up for the Pre-Rally and Pre-Rally Tours and Activities at the same time they register for the Rally.

You do not need to commit to all 7 days of the Pre-Rally.  You’ll choose your Pre-Rally arrival date during the registration process.

Pre-Rally is a great time to arrive, get settled into your site, meet your neighbors, check out the area, and take in some of the planned, optional Pre-Rally Tours and Activities.  If you plan to take in any of the Technical or Lifestyle presentations during the rally, you will definitely want to arrive at least 1-day prior to the start of the Rally as Rally activities begin first thing Tuesday morning, June 13.

Rally registration opens Wednesday, March 1st at 12:00 Noon Central

 Venue: Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
 Location: 1774 E Monroe Street, Goshen, IN 46528
(address to our RV entry gate – Gate 1)
 Venue Website:
 Map to Venue: Click here to map yourself to the Fairgrounds
 Registration: Click here to register for the rally
Rally Registration Date: Wednesday, March 1st at 12:00 Noon Central Time Zone
 Pre-Rally Dates: June 6-12, 2017
 Rally Dates: June 13-18, 2017
 Rally Rate: $275 1-2 ppl (+ $75 per additional person – more info)
 Pre-Rally Rates: $25 per night
 Rally Agenda: Click here to view the Rally Agenda
 Rally Documents: Click here to view information and documentation
 Rally Discussion: Click here to view/contribute to the forum discussion
 Attendee Directory: Click here to see sites/areas others have selected


It will be to your benefit to gather certain pieces of information now, ahead of the launch of rally registration.  By doing so, you won’t be scrambling at the time of registration and you may improve your chance at getting into the camping section you prefer.  It will also be to your benefit to review all Pre-Rally opportunities being offered and decide in advance, what if any of those opportunities you wish to participate in.  Doing this now and making careful notes of what you want to do will speed your registration process and help ensure you get into the Pre-Rally tours that most interest you.

  • Eligibility
    Prior to registering for this rally, take a moment to check your Club “Membership expires on” date to ensure your membership will be in during the rally
    Follow this link to confirm your expiration date
    Follow this link to review the full eligibility statement
  • Forum/Club Email Address (same address we used to send you this email)
    When registering for the rally, this is the email address we’re using for Club Member validation
    Follow this link to confirm the Email Address your using in the Forum/Club (requires forum login)
  • Registration Password
    If you’ve used this registration process for past Goshen rallies, then you may have a password in this system.  Note that the password might not be the same password you’re using on the Forum.  It just depends on what you set it up as.  For all first-time Goshen rally attendees, you will be asked to create a password.  The password you choose to use does not have to match what you use on the forum.
    Note: The system does force specific requirements for new password.  Please note that when creating a new one in this system, it requires the following:
    – Minimum of 8 characters
    – At least one character from three of the following four sets: lower-case, upper-case, numeric and special characters
  • Registration Type
    (most will choose the first option: RV + 1 or 2 people, there are options for more people and No RV)
  • Name, Address, Cell Phone #, Emergency Contact name/number
  • Club Membership Number (this is a 4 digit number)
    Follow this link to confirm your Club Membership Number (requires forum login)
  • Forum Username
    Follow this link to confirm your Forum Username (requires forum login)
  • Club Position (In most instances this would be “Member”)
    Follow this link to confirm your Club Position (requires forum login)
  • Club Region-Chapter (eg. Mountain-Colorado)
    Follow this link to confirm your Club Region-Chapter (requires forum login)
  • T-Shirt Sizes for all members of your rally unit
    We’ll be offering Ladies and Unisex shirts.  Use these links to review and determine your ideal sizes:
    Adult Ladies
    Adult Unisex
  • Year, Brand, Length of your RV and Number of Slides-Outs
  • Arrival Date – You’ll choose what date you plan to arrive
    Pre-Rally days ($25 each) will be charged based on your selection
  • Golf Cart Rental – Rent a 4-passenger golf cart for 5 to 12 days for $40 per day
    Golf Cart rental fleet is limited and rental will be charged based on your selection
    Follow this link to view the Golf Cart Rental document
  • Pre-Rally Day Tour: South Bend – offered both Thursday, June 8 and Friday, June 9
    $62 per person (includes luxury tour bus, lunch, and fees for tours, tour guides and museum entry)
    Follow this link to view the South Bend Pre-Rally Tour document
  • Pre-Rally Day Tour: Amish Countryside – offered both Thursday June 8 and Friday June 9
    $24 per person for Thursday tour (includes luxury tour bus, fees for some stops and tour guide)
    $45 per person for Friday tour (includes luxury tour bus, Amish Haystack lunch, fees for some stops and tour guide)
    Follow this link to view the Amish Countryside Pre-Rally Tour document
  • Pre-Rally Dinner: Dinner cooked by Amish at an Amish Homestead – Saturday, June 10 at 1 pm
    $21 per person (includes meal, dessert, drinks, tax and gratuity)
    Note that we are offering dinner at 2 different Amish Homes and each can accommodate 100 guests.  You’ll need to choose which home to visit.  Yoders is a favorite that we’ve been visiting for many years.  Carriage House is new to us but is sure to please

    Follow this link to view the Amish Home Dinner document
  • Pre-Rally Bison Ranch Tour and Lunch – Sunday, June 11 at 11 am
    $20 per person (includes wagon ride through bison pasture, meal, dessert, drinks, tax and gratuity)
    We did this tour in 2013 and those who went found it interesting.  We have limited this event to 85 people.
    Attendees will caravan in their own vehicles to this event.  If you’ve not taken this tour before – consider it!

    Follow this link to view the Bison Ranch Tour and Lunch document
  • Pre-Rally Chili Dog Dinner – Monday, June 12 at 5 pm
    FREE – This event is sponsored by the Heartland Owners Club and will be held at the Nelson’s pavilion on Locust Street at the Fairgrounds. It will be a gathering of attendees on the final pre-rally evening for a simple meal (all-beef hot dog, chili topping, chips, cookie and bottle of water).  You need to sign-up for this during the registration process by indicating your head-count so we have the right amount of food

    Follow this link to view the Chili Dog Dinner document
  • Bus Reservation for Elkhart Trip to tour Heartland Factory and RV/MH – Saturday, June 17
    $7 per person.  Bus seating is limited to 220 people.  Attendees who wish to, may caravan in their own vehicles to Elkhart.
    Follow this link to view the Elkhart Tour document
    Follow this link to learn more about the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum
  • Luncheon at the RV/MH – Saturday, June 17 – around 12:00 Noon
    A catered lunch is included at the RV/MH on our Elkhart tours day.  You need to sign-up for this during the registration process by indicating your head-count so we have the right amount of food
  • Your “desired” Camping Area
    There are several camping areas at the Fairgrounds. Some are older, some are newer.  Most have 50 amp power, a few have 30 amp power.  Some are closer to the rally hall (ECCC bld), some are quite a distance.  Some are close to the train tracks, some are farther (but still within earshot!).  In most cases, you will select a camping section or area and not a specific site.  We only allow specific site selection in the Northwest camping section.  
    Follow this link to view the camping maps to determine your preferred area.  If you prefer the Northwest camping section, we suggest you identify up to 5 sites you’d like as these sites go very fast and the likelihood of getting your top site is fairly low.  Regardless of where you end up, bear in mind that most attendees spend very little time at their RV as there is so much to do at various rally functions.


  • 30 Amp Power and Water Only Site Notice and Acknowledgement
    You’ll be required to acknowledge that while most sites are 50 amp, some are 30 amp
    No level of service is promised – Follow this link to view an image of this notice
  • Site Requirements Notice and Acknowledgement
    You’ll be required to acknowledge a notice of site lengths, hookup locations, water and sewer hose
    lengths required etc. – Follow this link to view an image of this notice
  • Handicapped / Mobility Challenged Sites
    We have set aside a small number of sites near to the rally hall.  This statement details these sites and allows you to request placement in one of them – Follow this link to view this statement
  • Site Selection
    A general statement about sites, just prior to you making your area/site selection
    Follow this link to view this statement
  • Check Out / Payment
    Here you’ll see a summary of your selections and fees and you’ll make your payment via credit card
  • Confirmation
    On this final screen, you’ll have a printable registration confirmation.  An email will also be sent to you.
    In that email, there will be a link to your registration confirmation.  We suggest you leave this email in your email system for recall later, in the event you wish review your rally registration

The rally rate includes quite a lot.  Here’s a list of significant elements that are included:

  • 5 Nights Camping at Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
  • Pre-Rally Chili Dog Meet and Greet (an included pre-rally item)
  • 2 Catered Dinners
  • 1 Catered Lunch
  • 1 Catered Breakfast
  • 2 Nights of Entertainment
  • Door Prize Opportunity
  • Rally Bags w/ Goodies
  • Rally T-Shirts
  • Rally Badge Hanger Bars
  • Complimentary Rally Service Work
  • Large number of RV and Lifestyle related Vendors
  • Up to 25 Technical Seminars and Presentations
  • Up to 25 Lifestyle Seminars and Presentations
  • Heartland factory tours
  • RV/MH RV Museum tour (Follow this link to more info about RV/MH)
  • Unlimited fun!

Follow this link to learn more about rally rates and what’s included
Follow this link to discuss rally rates


We have tested the rally registration process using an iPhone, an iPad and and various phones running Android.  We were able to successfully register using all of these devices.  Testers felt that the use of the iPad (or other tablet) was easier than the smaller screen of phones.  And while it’s possible to register with a mobile device, we suggest you register using a laptop/desktop computer where you’ll generally have the benefit of a larger screen.

Rally documentation can be found online in the Rally Guide on the Club website here at this link.  From year to year, we repurpose documentation used in previous events as a starting point for the current event.  As such, you may see “2015” or “2016” on some documents that are “in-process”.  You may even see some nearly blank documents being used as placeholders.  Soon, all of that will be cleaned up.  Rally documentation will be printed and will be part of your rally packet, in an envelope in your rally bag

Pre-Rally Camping (for June 6-12) reservations will be handled within the rally registration process.  Pre-Rally nights are $25 each (inclusive of tax/fees).  Camping reservations for days prior to the Pre-Rally (prior to June 6) will need to be made with the Fairgrounds directly at 574-533-3247.  Likewise, Post-Rally camping reservations (starting Sunday, June 18) will need to be made with the Fairgrounds directly at 574-533-3247

We are planning to schedule up to 25 Technical Presentations

Follow this link to learn more about Technical Presentations

We are planning to schedule up to 25 Lifestyle Presentations

Follow this link to learn more about Lifestyle Presentations

Mastering Your RV by Mobile RV Academy is an intense 3 Day course that will help you have a better understanding of how your RV operates. Learn in the classroom and hands-on labs using your RV.
Held at the Fairgrounds in Ag Hall during Pre-Rally days Tuesday, June 6 through Thursday, June 8
Presented by Terry Cooper, Texas RV Professor, Mobile RV Academy
Follow this link to learn more about this opportunity

The Recreational Vehicle Safety Education Foundation (RVSEF – link) will be offering Rig Weighing services.  The RVSEF will also be presenting an RV Weight Safety seminar during the rally.  Details are being finalized on rates and will be announced later
Follow this link to learn more about RV Weighing

ALL-BRITE RV Wash will be offering RV and Truck washing and detailing services.  ALL-BRITE plans to be at the Fairgrounds from our Pre-Rally through our Rally.  Details are being finalized on services and rates and will be announced later
Follow this link to learn more about RV Washing

We are in talks with a Carpet Cleaning service to offer carpet cleaning services during the pre-rally and rally.  If this works out, details on services and rates will be announced later

Heartland RVs will be performing minor rally service work during rally week.  You will need to sign-up for this in advance, sometime after you register for the rally but prior to May 1
Follow this link for more information on Minor Rally Service Work and for the link to sign-up

The Heartland Marketplace is our Vendor Hall and more.  This year, we’ll have a large number of RV and RV lifestyle related products and services being represented by vendors both indoors (Sheep-Swine building on Maple Street) and outdoors in Carnival area (south end of Locust Street)
Follow this link for more information on Heartland Marketplace

Some of our vendors will be offering special pricing to rally attendees.  As they become available, these specials will be put online and linked on our Heartland Marketplace page.  Follow this link for more information on Rally Vendor Specials

We are offering a rebate to rally attendees for new coaches purchased or ordered during the rally.
Follow this link for more information on Rally Rebate

Follow this link to the forum discussion thread for this item.

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